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Executive Positioning

You would like to or need to change your career? Following a previously successful career path, many managers suddenly find themselves faced with a new challenge. This is a new situation, both for the manager and for those around him or her. Sensitive handling of this situation and systematic, constructive positioning within the job market are now essential. We accompany this process professionally, efficiently and in a target-oriented manner. Here, the classification of your strategic and operational courses of action, as well as reflection, are crucial.

Reaching your next career goal in 10 steps

You contact us, send us your CV and provide a brief summary of your situation.

In an initial telephone call, we discuss whether your expectations can be met and whether, in our opinion, the requirements for a successful consultation are fulfilled.

During an interview lasting approximately 45 minutes, we get to know one another personally and review expectations, objectives and market conditions. We explain our procedure to you and provide an initial success projection. Up to this point our service is free of charge. You then decide whether or not you wish to take advantage of the full service and we then begin our collaboration.

During a diagnostics process that lasts for approximately 3 to 4 hours, a comprehensive and differentiated picture of your personal, technical and cognitive core competencies is compiled. Your public image is analysed, your attitudes are scrutinised and your management qualification is discussed.

Expanding on your skill profile, we deduce through personal dialogue the relevant success factors and points of criticism. During this process we are honest, direct and constructive. We perform a comprehensive categorisation and compile a market-oriented value analysis of your career path.

Working together with you, and on the basis of our market insight, we compile a list of target companies to whom we send your professionally prepared file. This activity sets us quite considerably apart from our competitors, who will often merely forward your CV to other HR consultancy firms and insinuate that this will generate broad market coverage. We will be happy to have a personal discussion with you to explain why this is not the correct approach.

We follow up with the companies we have contacted after a reasonable length of time or monitor replies and are available to the companies should they have any queries.

Prior to a personal interview with a company, we conduct a simulation interview lasting approximately 1 hour and provide coaching with regard to behaviour, appearance, comportment, dramatic composition and responses.

Within the scope of contract design, we will be happy to provide you with support with regard to matters of labour law, or can moderate contractual aspects that are important to you.

Once you begin working for the new company, we act as your sparring partner and are available to you for a total of two hours over a six-month period.