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Strong service orientation and enthusiasm for people are our corporate model, with a focus on human value for our customers and our aspiration to achieve technical excellence. We are independent and flexible. Nevertheless, after fourteen years of doing business, overseeing more than 300 recruitment processes and conducting approximately 4,500 applicant interviews, we have comprehensive experience in the design of a search process and adopt a “best practice” approach that includes reliable and proactive communication of the respective status quo.

Systematic approach

Success in the recruitment of management staff and experts is not just the result of in-depth understanding of our client’s markets, a very well-managed database and reliable personal networks, but first and foremost requires impeccable work and a systematic, structured and efficient approach. In this context, the virtue of hard work is by no means an archaic concept, but rather the key to success. So that we can always guarantee a highly professional search process for our clients, and ensure that our full concentration is dedicated to just a few, exclusive clients—thus keeping our clients’ interests in sight—we work on a retainer basis. This avoids an excessively large Off-Limit list, which can lead to conflicts of interest.

Professional competence

Next to the quality of our professional consultants their knowledge about structure, culture and current subject matters of interest within a single market sector are essential ingredients for the successful creation and management of complex social processes of recruiting. We have specific skills in complimenting expansion driven digital businesses, medium sized companies and professional service operations such as partnerships. From a functional perspective our strengths lay with the placement of leadership positions in IT, Technology, Sales, Marketing and Product-Placement and in Administration, specifically Finance, HR and Legal.

Cooperative partnership

Busold Consulting considers itself to be an operative partner to clients and works with a highly qualified team, with maximum focus on results. We honour the trust placed in us by acting with discretion, reliability and the highest possible level of commitment. In contrast to the often-practised model of percentage-based remuneration, we offer our customers a fixed price model, which applies regardless of the actual monetary contract agreed by the hired member of management staff, thus avoiding any conflict of interest. We seek to grow primarily through the intensification of cooperation with a limited number of clients. We view corporate knowledge, acquired as a result of continuity, as the ideal prerequisite for efficiency in the provision of consulting services.

Get on board

Become a part of Busold Consulting. If you are an established consultant with a reliable customer base and, for example, come from a rigid partnership structure characterised by hierarchies or cacophony and now wish to work freely and self-sufficiently, then a collaboration with us may be just what you’re looking for. The same applies for managers or corporate consultants who, based on specific functional or industry-specific expert knowledge, feel a desire to step into the high-level HR consultancy market. You are equally welcome as a cooperative partner. Feel free to chat to us and we will find a suitable form of collaboration.

Can see projects through to completion.

Flexible in thought and action

We are not subject to external constraints in terms of accepting or organising assignments, or agreeing on fees or billing matters. We have no fixed terms & conditions; instead, we establish the content and conditions of our collaboration through close coordination with the customer. In doing so, we focus primarily on industries and roles for which we have documented specialist competence. In this way, we can offer consulting that satisfies both your quality requirements and our own.

Partners & friends

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